Future Tech Lab is an international community of people in multiple roles, from diverse backgrounds with different expertise and by various employers.

Leadership and Coordination

Erkki Sutinen Head of Windhoek Campus, Professor (University of Turku)
Lannie Uwu-khaeb Campus Coordinator (Giraffe Technologies)


Nicolas Pope Lead Developer, Postdoctoral Researcher
Sebastian Hahta Research Assistant
Samuli Laato Doctoral Candidate
Laszlo Major STEAM Director
Moammar Dayoub Visiting Post-Doctoral Researcher
Sanna Huttunen Departmental Coordinator
Ilkka Jormanainen University of Eastern Finland: Senior Researcher
Suvi Nenonen University Properties of Finland Ltd Tampere University, Finland: Specialist, Future Learning and Working Environments: Adjunct Professor
Anthony-Paul Cooper Academic Position: Visiting Researcher

Doctoral Students


Marco Zennaro Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics
Kauna Mufeti University of Namibia: Professor
Heike Winschiers-Theophilus Namibian University of Science and Technology: Professor
Markus Duveskog Contextualize
Romanus Shivoro University of Namibia
Ramkrishna Agrawal Ajna EduArch Consultants Private Limited: Architect
Istvan Sutyinszki Excellence International School (Sihanoukville, Cambodia): Teacher of Science and Mathematics
Frednard Gideon University of Namibia: Pro-Vice Chancellor: Academic Affairs
Simon Angombe University of Namibia: Faculty Dean
Emmanuel Awuni Kolog University of Ghana: Senior Lecturer
Richard Tortorella International Association of Smart Learning Environments: Technical Coordinator


Lorenzo Cantoni Università della Svizzera Italiana: Professor
Joakim Hedenstedt AiON Sigma: COO and co-founder
Rami Heinisuo Eduix Ltd.: CEO, Founder
Pauliina Halme Eduix Ltd.: Partner Director
Klaus Nylamo Eduix Ltd.: Senior Partner
Foster Ofosu Idea2Market Africa: Chief Excitement Officer