Future Tech Lab

A state-of-the-art Remote Presence space for international collaboration in the creation of future technologies with industry and through distance education.

Currently the renovations and technological developments are in progress and the facilities are only partly complete. In addition to a dedicated high-speed internet link between our Namibia Campus and Turku, the rooms will be equipped with:

  • a live 3D capture system by surrounding the space with movie quality cameras
  • Immersive and directed ultra-sound audio for precise noise control
  • a top quality video wall at 8k resolution to give a “window” experience
  • 3D microphone systems to capture voices from specific locations
  • Augmented Reality head sets to experience people from the other side

Research Seminars

The FTLab research seminar is an open, transdisciplinary meeting place for PhD students, researchers and experts from industry, government and NGOs. The seminar invites the participants to share their work in progress with each other. The seminar encourages its participants to form new networks and linkages for co-authoring, joint RDI projects, and similar.

The contact person for the research seminar is Maria Ndapewa Ntindi (nntinda@unam.na).

See the events page for the next seminars.

More Information

Remote Presence


Nicolas Pope
Lead Developer