Publications (30)

Year Title Associated Authors
Affordances of music composing software for learning mathematics at primary schools Samuli Laato, Erkki Sutinen
Faith communities online: Christian churches Erkki Sutinen
A Review of Location-based Games - Do They All Support Exercise, Social Interaction and Cartographical Training? Samuli Laato, Erkki Sutinen
Co-working and Co-learning Environment between North and South - Case Future Tech Lab in Namibia Marko Lahti, Erkki Sutinen, Suvi Nenonen
Mindset and study performance: New scales and research directions Erkki Sutinen
Misinformation Sharing and Social Media Fatigue during COVID-19: An Affordance and Cognitive Load Perspective, Technological Forecasting and Social Change Najmul Islam, Samuli Laato, Erkki Sutinen
The immigrant integration online training program in finland Erkki Sutinen
Pocket campus for accelerating and catalyzing software engineering education in the Global South Maria Ntinda, Kauna Mufeti, Erkki Sutinen
Quantitizing Affective Data as Project Evaluation on the Use of a Mathematics Mobile Game and Intelligent Tutoring System Erkki Sutinen
Integrating Theological Aspects to Engineering Education Samuli Laato, Erkki Sutinen
Co-design in Bird Scaring Drone Systems: Potentials and Challenges in Agriculture Moammar Dayoub, Simon Angombe, Erkki Sutinen
Learning to Program on KaiOS: a Hands-on Coding School for Developing Climate Service Apps Ville Myllynpää, Maria Ntinda, Erkki Sutinen
Screams of joy yield creative projects at the educational robotics workshop in Namibia Annastasia Shipepe, Ilkka Jormanainen, Markus Duveskog, Erkki Sutinen
E-complaints: A Semi-Structured E-forum at a University Maria Ntinda, Erkki Sutinen
Design science research for learning software engineering and computational thinking: Four cases Erkki Sutinen
Alive in Smart Countryside Erkki Sutinen
The Latest in Immersive Telepresence to Support Shared Engineering Education Nicolas Pope, Najmul Islam, Marko Lahti, Erkki Sutinen
Co-designing a European Future Tech Lab in Africa as a Place for Open Innovation Marko Lahti, Romanus Shivoro, Kauna Mufeti, Suvi Nenonen, Erkki Sutinen
The Role of Music in 21st Century Education - Comparing Programming and Music Composing Samuli Laato, Erkki Sutinen
Exploring the use of machine learning to automate the qualitative coding of church-related tweets Erkki Sutinen
Local children using Harmony Hippo Identifying Factors for Integrating Math and Music Education at Primary Schools in Namibia Nicolas Pope, Erkki Sutinen, Samuli Laato, Frednard Gideon, Romanus Shivoro
Experiences from Tanzania–Interview Experiment in Co-designing Future Local Climate Services Erkki Sutinen
Toward pedagogy driven virtual reality learning space design Erkki Rötkönen, Najmul Islam, Erkki Sutinen
Towards a design research model for climate services: Experiences from a development project in mozambique Ville Myllynpää, Erkki Sutinen
How Interactive Technology Facilitates Missio Dei as a Platform for Grassroots Activism Erkki Sutinen
Towards Holistic Mobile Climate Services for Farmers in Tambuu, Tanzania Moammar Dayoub, Erkki Sutinen
Research in progress: Holistic climate service prototypes for farmers in tambuu, tanzania Ville Myllynpää, Erkki Sutinen
Experiences from a development project in kenya –baselines for future climate information systems Erkki Sutinen
Prospects for Climate Services for Sustainable Agriculture in Tanzania Moammar Dayoub, Nicolas Pope, Erkki Sutinen
Community Climate Services for Small-Scale Farmers in Tanzania Moammar Dayoub, Erkki Sutinen