The FTLab held a microbits workshop conducted by Marcus Duveskog, an educational technologist, with a special interest in ICT for development, from Contexualize (Pty) Ltd.
The workshop was held at the lab on the 28th of October, from 8am – 11:30 am. The grade 5 and 6’s from Alludio Academy attended the workshop. During the workshop they were divided in groups of 5 and they worked on a microbit project. In their groups of 5 they assembled their microbit. The project also entailed them setting up a program for their microbit.

“The main goal for the workshop was for them to get a little excited and interested about computer science, programming and coding.” Marcus informed.
Marcus challenged them to get their microbit to do various things like light up, play a song, move forward and backward, move in a square. The learners were very quick on their feet, and they were successful in programming their microbits. Some were also able to program it to stop in front of an object.

“Our expectations are blown away. It is such an amazing programme which we wish can be shared around all the schools.” Ms. Gamu, the science and math teacher, from Alludio Academy said.
Towards the end of the workshop each group had an opportunity to show the class what they were able to make their microbit do – which was quite impressive.

“I think it was fantastic. These young learners were so eager, so excited. They did so much in a short time. I’m very impressed and I think there is hope for this future generation.” Marcus mentioned
One of Marcus’ highlights was seeing the kids smiles and their excitement when the robot did what they wanted it to do.

The learners being grouped into 5s.


The learners showing what their microbit could do in front of the class.


Marcus attending to the learners that had queries.


The learners assembling their microbit.