Supervision and mentoring as a source for knowledge sharing

30.10.2019 01:00 - 08:00

UNAM Northern Campus

Seminar 9.00-12.30

09.00 Opening. VC Kenneth Matengu or pro-VC
09.05 Introduction. Professor Pirkko Härkönen, UTU
09.10 Master’s degree supervision. Associate Professor Maija Peltola, Dr Kimmo Peltola, UTU
09.35 Supervision and training in doctoral studies. Professor Olli Vainio, UTU
10.00 On PhD supervision and mentoring, Assoc. Professor Nelago Indongo, UNAM
10.20 Coffee break
10.45 How to read and write research articles. Rector Emeritus Mikko Hupa, ÅA
11.25 Mentoring postdoctoral research. Rector Emeritus Kalervo Väänänen, UTU
11.50 Remote supervision and mentoring. Professor Erkki Sutinen, Professor Pirkko Härkönen
12.15 Conclusions and general discussion. VC or pro-VC
12.30 Lunch break

Workshops 13.30-16.30

13.30 Introduction to workshops` topics
1) What are the bottlenecks of postgraduate studies and training at UNAM
2) Supervisor responsibilities and skills
3) What kind of support and mentoring the supervisors need
13.50 Discussion and problem solving in workshops
14.50 Coffee break
15.20 Workshops continue
16.00 Presentation of results from each workshop and conclusions by discussion leaders (10 min each)