Digital Theology in the Global South: Online Symposium

29.10.2020 02:30 - 30.10.2020 10:15


This two day online event aims to bring together researchers and practitioners working in the field of Digital Theology, to explore the opportunities which this new and emerging field presents for the global south.

The first day will take the form of an online symposium, with comprising a number of short research presentations with opportunities for Q&A.

The second day will take the form of a hackathon, where attendees will be able to partner with peers to work commence working on Digital Theology projects.

The whole event is aimed at anyone and everyone with an interest in Digital Theology. All backgrounds welcome and despite some of the lingo used, no coding experience required!


Note: All timings are London GMT

Day 1: Knowledge Exchange

  • 1030 to 1045: Participants join call
  • 1045 to 1100: Welcome and introductions [Chairs: Ant Cooper, Anna Shipepe & Kauna Mufeti]
  • 1100 to 1130: Defining Digital Theology [Speaker: Ant Cooper]
  • 1130 to 1200: Opportunities for Digital Theology Innovation in the Global South [Speaker: Erkki Sutinen]
  • 1200 to 1230: Current Digital Theology Projects at Università della Svizzera italiana [Speaker: Lorenzo Cantoni]
  • 1230 to 1330: Lunch break
  • 1330 to 1400: Namibian church response to COVID-19 [Speaker: Anna Shipepe]
  • 1400 to 1430: Life Before Death – the Global South Perspective [Speaker: Tomi ‘BGT’ Suovo]
  • 1430 to 1500: The relevance of mobile applications to Digital Theology in the Global South [Speaker: Solomon Oleyere]
  • 1500 to 1530: Ethical considerations for Digital Theology Research [Speaker: Ant Cooper]
  • 1530 to 1600: Digital Theology and the expression, elaboration and communication of faith [Speaker: Walter Chikwendu Ihejirika]
  • 1600 to 1630: ‘Round-table’ discussion on key take away points from the presentations [Chair: Ant Cooper]
  • 1630 to 1700: Hackathon idea generation in break-out rooms [Chair: Ant Cooper]
  • 1700 to 1730: Feedback on hackathon idea generation exercise [Chair: Ant Cooper]
  • 1730 to 1745: Summing-up and conclusion [Chair: Ant Cooper]

Zoom details for Day 1:

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Meeting ID: 959 3201 0831, Passcode: 866370

Day 2: Hackathon

  • 1030 to 1045: Participants join call
  • 1045 to 1100: Welcome and introductions [Chairs: Ant Cooper & Anna Shipepe]
  • 1100 to 1700: Hackathon [Chair: Anna Shipepe]
    • Hackathon teams will be split into breakout rooms during the day.
    • Participants will return to the main session for progress updates at the following times: – 1230 to 1245 – 1430 to 1445 – 1600 to 1615
  • 1700 to 1800: Hackathon Presentations [Chair: Anna Shipepe]
  • 1800 to 1815: Summing-up and conclusion [Chair: Ant Cooper & Anna Shipepe]

Zoom details for Day 2:

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Meeting ID: 942 2533 2671, Passcode: 641649