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Who are we?

The University Properties of Finland Ltd (SYK) is a Finnish, nationwide owner and developer of higher education campuses outside of the Helsinki metropolitan area. Our mission is to create campuses with great appeal and opportunities to fuel regional growth by combining science, business and vibrant urbanity. We provide efficient spatial solutions and premises to our customers which are tailored to their needs at attractive rates.

Future Tech Lab

We have been supporting University of Turku in concept development and realization of UTU Future Tech Lab. The development has been possible as part of IN-Learn – project, which focused on social, digital and physical learning environments in two schools in Namibia as well as in Future Technology Lab in University of Namibia. The project has been funded by Business Finland.


Future Tech Lab concept

Future Tech Lab in UNAM Campus includes three zones:

Welcoming zone is the access to Future Tech Lab indicating also the brand of the place. It creates welcome-experience to everyone coming to the Lab.

Co-working zone is flexible space for individual and group activities with diverse settings to land.

Co-learning zone is multi layered space for learning enhanced by remote presence technology. Working and studying in larger or smaller group is supported by flexible furniture.


In September 2019 we organized the Campus seminar for celebrating our 10 years old company. The seminar provided an insight to research and development projects with our international partners – you can find the SYK-summary from this link:


Future reading

The very first research-development and innovation program in University Properties of Finland Ltd was about Future Learning Environments. Part of it is the publication, which includes different perspectiveds to campus collaboration, sustainable development, co-creation and multi-disciplinary learning. In the begin of the research program, our dream was a collection of new space types. At the end of the program, we have noticed that equally important with new solutions is how they are realized together with users. You can find more from the link below.

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