Eduix Ltd

Eduix Ltd.

Software company in the Education industry
Revenue 4 million euros
800+ customer deliveries and projects
Privately owned
36 employees
Headquarters in Tampere, Finland
Partner Network growing around the world


About Us

Our goal is to change societies around the world by digitizing education processes
90% of Finnish higher education institutions already use our products in their everyday life. We want to deliver the same possibilities to students and teachers around the world.

We meet our customers’ challenges by utilizing our expertise in software and education processes
We provide development, deployment and maintenance services to our customers.

We are an economically sustainable partner
We have been profitable since founding in 1996. Some of our customer relationships have lasted for decades. Our goal is to fulfill our customers’ needs economically, efficiently and sustainably.

Our Products and Services

Software Development, Deployment and Maintenance are an essential part of our services. What distinguishes us from others is our expertise in the combination of education processes and software development.

Our products in a nutshell:

  • Formjack Process Manager for Collecting, Managing and Refining information

  • Peppi ecosystem provides Digital Support for education institutes through all the processes and workflow with integrated user experience

  • Wihi Thesis Project Management tool for simplifying thesis process

Our customers, partners and values

Most of our current customers are higher education institutions in Finland. As we will continue to serve our Finnish customers we are aiming towards international markets, such as Namibia. We are looking for long lasting partnerships around the world. We hope our partners share our high values and mission:

We change societies economically and sustainably together with our customers and partners with quality and endurance.

If you share our values and passion for changing the world, let’s talk and find ways to cooperate!

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Eduix Ltd.


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