• Markus Duveskog

Markus Duveskog

I am a Swede who see myself as a world citizen. My childhood was spent between Sweden and Kenya. My early years in Kenya gave me a love for the African continent and I nowadays reside in South Africa. I see South Africa as my base and Southern Africa as my main working field.

I am an educational technologist with a special interest in ICT for Development. Through my research and work for University of Eastern Finland I have gained extensive experience on participatory design with youth in several African countries and contexts (Kenya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Eritrea, South Africa and Zambia).

In January 2015 I completed my PhD studies, the title of my dissertation was "Digital storytelling for HIV and AIDS education in Africa".

My professional interests are: ICT for development, Participatory Design, Digital Storytelling, HIV and AIDS education, Technology enhanced learning, Kids' Club, Educational gaming and Youth empowerment.