E-complaints: A Semi-Structured E-forum at a University

Universities operate in a competitive market and the way a university deals with complaints will significantly contribute to its reputation and performances [1]. The University of Namibia (UNAM) has a complaint system known as a student-lecturer forum, attended in a physical venue. This forum allows UNAM management to respond to students’ complaints to improve services on campus. Currently, there is a low student and lecturer turn-up, resulting in a delay in feedback from the forum. Hence a semi-structured e-forum, an alternative to the physical forum was envisioned to accord all students an opportunity to express their complaints. The paper presents the development of the UNAM e-forum aimed to complement the existing physical forum. Furthermore, it presents and analyses results obtained from a usability study that found the developed e-forum easy to learn, efficient to use, easy to remember, has few errors and pleasing to the users based on its overall System Usability Scale (SUS) mean rating of 85.

Ntinda, M., Mafwila, R., & Sutinen, E. (2020). E-complaints: A Semi-Structured E-forum at a University. 2020. IST-Africa Conference and Exhibition, IST-Africa 2020.