Design Science: A paradigm for Computing Research

05.09.2022 14:30 - 16:00



Design Science Research (DSR), also known as Constructive Research, is a methodological approach concerned with devising artifacts that serve human purposes. It is a form of scientific knowledge production that involves the development of innovative constructions, intended to solve problems faced in the real world, and simultaneously makes a kind of prescriptive scientific contribution. An important outcome of this type of research is an artifact that solves a domain problem, also known solution concept, which must be assessed against criteria of value or utility. In this presentation, I will demonstrate the use of DSR for computing research. Also, the Hevenarian guidelines for DSR will be explained and exemplified.

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Dr. Emmanuel Awuni Kolog is senior lecturer at the University of Ghana. He is a holds a PhD and MSc in Computer science from the University of Eastern Finland in Finland. He received a scholarship from the university’s foundation as one of the best applicants for both degrees. He additionally holds an MBA degree in International Business Management from the Lapland University of Applied Sciences in Finland. Dr. Awuni has also obtained a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) from Ghana. His Bachelor’s degree focused on Information Technology, where he graduated with a first class. Dr. Awuni is the recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II scholarship to McGill University in Canada. He also serves on the PhD scholarship selection board for the African Centre for technology studies (ACTS) in Kenya. Additionally, he is an adjunct research fellow to the University of Turku’s plugin campus at the University of Namibia in Namibia (ftlab). He is also an adjunct lecturer at the Malawi University of science and technology. Dr. Awuni’s research interest spans the fields of Machine Learning Applications, Text-based Affect Detection using NLP, Learning Analytics, Digital platforms,and Business Analytics. Dr. Awuni reviews for several journals and has attended conferences around the world. In 2018, he won the best research paper award at a conference held in Hong Kong and, in 2019, his paper was nominated with two others for the best paper award in knowledge management and information systems conference held in Vienna. Though Dr. Awuni and his co-authors missed out on the award, he was honoured for his research work in ontology and machine learning for the retrieval and archival of traditional herbal medicine.

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